Ten Frame Addition Cards


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Transitioning from counting practice to addition problems is a breeze with these ten frame addition cards.  They’re perfect for kindergartners and there’s no prep work for you!

Introducing the concept of addition to your kindergartner is both fun and easy with these printable ten frame addition cards.

Included in this set are 20 half-page cards that work on addition facts with sums to 10.

Each card includes a single addition problem, space for your child to write the answer, and the ten frame.

To Use:

Simply have your child count out objects for the first number in the equation, repeat with a different set of objects for the second number in the equation and finally, count the total number of objects to get their answer.

With various types of manipulatives set out, these cards would make a fantastic math center.  Break out the mini erasers and have your children or your students use two different kinds so that they can easily differentiate between the two numbers in their equation or try using two different colors of Do-A-Dot markers.  Even glass gems of various sizes and colors would work.

To see how we used them for a little emoji math practice, check out our blog post.

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