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With over 160 activity pages, teaching your toddler or preschooler their colors is both fun and easy with this learning colors mega pack!

Whether you’re working on all of the colors with your toddler or preschooler at once or splitting them up into various color weeks, this printable colors pack is filled with bright and colorful activities to help you introduce and practice various different colors, color words, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and more!

This pack can easily be broken down into sections to practice each of the included colors individually and many of the activities include both a full color and black and white version so they can be used as both practice and review later on.

This pack is also included in The Ultimate Preschool Printable Bundle.  If you have purchased that bundle, you do not need to purchase this pack as well.

Within this pack, you’ll find 9 different activities with each one including pages for 11 different colors.

The included colors are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Brown

The activities include:

Crayon Color Flashcards

These crayon shaped flashcards are large, bright, and perfect for little hands.  Each crayon also includes the color word.

Color Matching

Work on both matching and fine motor skills with this fun and simple crayon matching game.

Color Memory

Match the paint colors in this simple game that is perfect for reviewing the various colors.

Color Wall Posters

Hang these posters up on the wall for easy reference and as a way to work on vocabulary as your child names each of the items included on each page.

Color Puzzles

Match the items to the correct color words.  Each of the 11 color puzzles includes 4 pieces, one containing the color word, the other 3 pieces each contain an image in that color.  Use them separately to practice the individual colors or mix the pieces together for a more challenging review.

Q-Tip Painting

Work on fine motor skills and color words with these Q-Tip painting printables.  Each color is included on its own page with the color word ready to be painted.  These are included in both color and black and white.  For younger children, use the color versions to work on color practice and color word recognition.  For older students, the black and white version allows them to review their color words without the color of the images giving the answer away.

What color should it be?

Use these in conjunction with the included color books.  Have your students look through the pictures in their color books to determine what color each image on the page should be and have them color the images that correspond with the color on each page.

Color Books

Each of the 11 included colors has its own color book.  Once assembled, each book contains 8 pages (4 printed pages) with an image, the color word, and the name of the object on each page.

Color Mixing Fun

What happens when you mix two different colors together?  Find out with this fun color mixing activity page!  All you need are some crayons or a few water color paints.

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