Fish Bowl Flashlight Cards


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Count the fish and add the groups!

Then, use shadows and light to check your answer!

These fish bowls are full and ready for your students to figure out just how many fish are in each bowl.

With these flashlight cards, they’ll have the opportunity to work on counting, number recognition, groups, and even addition with sums to 10.

Included in this set, you’ll find 12 printable fish bowl flashlight cards filled with colorful fish.

Your students will need to count each group of fish, add the two groups together, and then use a flashlight to check their answer.

To do so, they’ll hold a flashlight up to the back of the card while looking at the front.

They can also hold the card up to a bright window, a lamp, or another light instead.

To print these cards properly, you’ll need to print on both sides of the paper and flip on the long edge.

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