Flashlight Cards – GROWING BUNDLE


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This Flashlight Card Growing Bundle includes more than 300 different flashlight cards including our brand new hibernating animals set.

What is a Growing Bundle?

This resource is a Growing Bundle, which means that we will continue adding new sets to the bundle in the future.

The price of the bundle will increase as new sets are added.

By purchasing the bundle, you will receive the following Flashlight Card sets at a 20% discounted price.

Once purchased at the current discounted price, you will receive all new, future sets that are added to this bundle for free.

Currently included in this bundle:

  • Rainforest Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Desert Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Wetlands Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Ocean Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Polar Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Arctic Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Grassland Habitat Set (12 cards)
  • Nocturnal Animal Set (12 cards)
  • Dinosaur Fossil Set (6 cards)
  • Christmas Present Flashlight Card Memory Game (24 cards/12 matches)
  • Animal Camouflage Set (10 cards)
  • Dolch Primer Sight Word Set (52 cards)
  • Fry 1st 100 Set (100 cards)
  • Christmas Cookie Counting Set (11 cards)
  • Fish Bowl Counting (12 cards)
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Counting (11 cards)
  • Hibernating Animals (8 cards)
  • Halloween Jack o’ Lantern Flashlight Card Memory Game (16 cards/8 matches)
  • Spider Counting Set (11 cards)
  • Valentine Chocolate Counting (11 Cards)

To Use:

These cards need to be printed on both sides of the paper.

When you’re ready to print, choose print on both sides of paper and flip on long edge.

Once the cards have been laminated, have your child shine a flashlight on the back of the card while looking at the front to find the animal.

You can also hold them up to the light or a bright window instead.