Candy Corn Math and Literacy Centers


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Get ready for Halloween with these candy corn themed math and literacy centers that are perfect for kindergartners!

Practice counting, number word recognition, numbers 1-20, beginning sounds, rhyming, and more with these fun candy corn themed printables!

This set includes 4 different types of candy corn puzzles that are perfect for math and literacy centers.

  • Counting 1-10 with one-to-one correspondence
  • Counting tally marks 1-20
  • Beginning sounds
  • Rhyming words

Most of these puzzles break into three pieces that your kindergartner can practice counting, numeral recognition, and number word recognition (for the math puzzles) while matching the pieces.  The rhyming words puzzles also break into three separate pieces.

The beginning sounds puzzles break into two separate pieces so that your kindergartner can practice matching the picture with the correct letter.

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