Turkey Counting Flashlight Cards


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The turkeys have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year and they’re all super hungry!

But how many dinner rolls can they eat?

Your students will have to count them to find out, but they’ll need to use a flashlight to find them first!

What’s Included:

This printable set of Thanksgiving-themed flashlight cards includes 11 turkey cards, one for each number 0 through 10.

To Use:

These turkey counting flashlight cards, like the rest of our sets, need to be printed properly to work.

Change your printer settings to print on both sides of the paper and flip on the long edge.

Run them through your laminator and then either shine a flashlight at the back while looking at the front or hold them up to a bright window instead.

As the light shines through each card, your students will be able to look inside the turkeys’ bellies and count how many dinner rolls each of them have eaten!

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