Seasons Playdough Mat Bundle


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Shapes, colors, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and more!

Work on each and every one of these skills and then some with these season-themed playdough mats!

What’s Included:

This bundle includes 32 playdough mats covering all 4 seasons:


  • bird
  • bird house
  • rain cloud
  • rainbow
  • shovel
  • tulip
  • worm
  • umbrella


  • beach
  • ice cream
  • lemonade
  • popsicle
  • sun
  • sand castle
  • sunglasses
  • watermelon


  • apple basket
  • acorn
  • hay
  • leaves
  • pumpkin
  • rake
  • sunflower


  • hat
  • ear muffs
  • hot cocoa
  • mitten
  • penguin
  • snowball
  • snowflake
  • snowman

To Use:

Simply print them off, cut each page in half, and run them through your laminator.

Pair them with your favorite playdough and set them out for your students to explore.

Each playdough mat not only gives them the opportunity to build the seasonal object, but also practice their handwriting skills at the same time as the name of each object in printed in a traceable font at the bottom of each playdough mat.

Once they’re laminated, pair them with a dry erase marker to work on pencil grasp, handwriting, and vocabulary!