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Work on fine motor skills, letter recognition, color words, shapes, numbers, and more while painting with Q-Tips!

Painting with Q-Tips is a fantastic way to work on improving your students’ fine motor skills.  With this Q-Tip painting activity bundle, you’ll also be working on letter recognition, numbers, basic shapes, colors, recognizing color words, and handwriting.

Each of the included pages are simply print and paint, requiring no prep on your part at all.  To use, set out the printed pages along with Q-Tips and some washable paints.  Students will use the Q-Tips to paint the dots on each page.

This pack is also included in The Ultimate Preschool Printable Bundle.  If you have purchased that bundle, you do not need to purchase this pack separately.

Four separate sets of Q-Tip printables are included in this bundle.

Uppercase Alphabet

All 26 letters are included, two letters to each page, to help your student practice letter recognition.

Numbers 1-10

Again, two numbers to each page, these teach your student to form and recognize the numerals 1-10.


Six basic shapes are included (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and diamond), with the name of each shape also included on the page for added handwriting practice.  The diamond shape is also included twice, once with the shape name being diamond, the other including rhombus.


In this set, you’ll find 10 colors: black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, and brown.

Each color is represented on its own page with both a color and black and white version of each.  Each color includes the color word (which can be painted with Q-Tips) as well as four color matching pictures.

Additional Ideas:

  • Draw arrows on the alphabet pages and have your students follow the arrows with their Q-Tip dots to practice proper letter formation.
  • Print multiple copies of the number pages and have your students combine numbers to create numerals larger than 10.
  • For older students that know their colors but are learning color words, use the black and white color Q-Tip printables for extra practice.

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