I Have, Who Has Sight Word Card Game


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Work on more than 300 sight words across multiple age groups with this printable I Have, Who Has sight word card game!

What’s Included:

Included in this download, you’ll find six different sets of I Have, Who Has sight word cards.

  • Dolch pre-primer (41 cards)
  • Dolch primer (53 cards)
  • Dolch first grade (42 cards)
  • Dolch second grade (47 cards)
  • Dolch third grade (42 cards)
  • Fry 1st 100 (101 cards)

To Use:

Simply print the cards off, cut them out, and run them through your laminator.

When you’re ready to play, grab the set that you’d like to practice and pass out all of the cards to your students.  Depending on the size of your group, some students may wind up holding more than one card.

Have the student with the first card begin the game by reading their card out loud.

The student that has the sight word called out by the first student will read their card next.

Students will have to listen carefully to hear the words that they hold and the game will continue until you reach the final card.