Dino Fossil Flashlight Cards


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Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes and their bones play a major part in that.

So, like a true archaeologist, we’re going on a hunt to find the fossils that these dinosaurs left behind so that we can learn more about each one of them!

From a big T-Rex to the smaller velociraptor, we’ll use shadows and light to find each set of dinosaur bones.

This set of printable flashlight cards includes six different dinosaurs:

  • brachiosaurus
  • pterodactyl
  • raptor
  • T-Rex
  • stegosaurus
  • triceratops

Choose print on both sides of the paper and flip on long edge to print.

When they’re ready, have your child shine a flashlight on the back of the card while looking at the front to find the dinosaur’s bones.

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