Digital Secret CVC Words {Set 1} – Google Slides


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Can you crack the secret CVC word code?

Become a letter detective and use those beginning sounds to decode the CVC words.

What’s Included:

This download includes a link to a digital secret CVC word activity on Google Slides.

Within the slides, you’ll find 17 different CVC words including:

  • cat
  • pig
  • map
  • cub
  • bus
  • gem
  • jar
  • pet
  • dig
  • hut
  • box
  • sad
  • vet
  • web
  • zip
  • mop
  • car

To Use:

Once you have your activity, your students will identify the beginning sounds for each picture on the card.

Within Google Slides, they’ll type the letters into the space below the pictures to make the correct CVC word.

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