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Offering your children, whether at home or in a classroom setting, fun and engaging activities throughout the year that are not only educational but hands-on and interactive as well.

They'll work with your theme units and help you cover multiple skills, subjects, and concepts, and best of all, they'll all be beautifully laminated and organized ahead of time complete with all of the necessary supplies and materials needed to complete the activity.



There just aren't enough hours in the day.

The demands of work, school, and family take up most of your time and while you work in a few new activities throughout the year, you don't have the time or the energy to get to nearly as many as you would like or you're left scrambling at the last minute trying to gather the supplies that an activity requires.



Done for you resources that promote learning through play.

The From ABCs to ACTs Print Shop was created to help solve this problem for busy parents, teachers, and homeschoolers that would like to add these types of activities to their lesson plans, but just don't have the time to pur them all together.

While we offer numerous digital downloads both on our website and in our main shop, ITEMS LISTED IN OUR PRINT SHOP ARE PHYSICAL PRODUCTS.

These are some of our favorite and more popular activities, printed, cut, laminated, and shipped directly to you with all of the necessary materials to complete the activity.

Whether you're looking for activities to fit your preschool farm theme or you need some new kindergarten math centers, we've got plenty to choose from and are currently releasing new activities every week.

Our #1 goal is to save you time, provide you with fun and educational activities that promote learning through play, and make your teaching life easier than ever!

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