Sight Word Tracing Cards {Pre-Primer, Primer, Fry 1st 100}


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Strengthen those small motor muscles and work on pencil grasp, handwriting, and sight words at the same time with these traceable sight word cards!

What’s Included:

This printable set includes all of the sight words on the following lists:

  • Dolch pre-primer
  • Dolch primer
  • Fry 1st 100

Each sight word is printed in a traceable font giving your students the opportunity to practice not only their sight words, but their handwriting skills and pencil grasp at the same time!

To Use:

Choose the list that works best for you and your students, print the cards off, and cut them apart.

These can be used immediately after printing, but if you’d like to be able to reuse them again and again, run them through your laminator and use with a dry erase marker.

Keep the cards together on a book ring and stick them in your literacy center for early finishers!