Feed the Bunny Sight Words – Dolch Pre-Primer


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This sight word bunny is hungry and ready to eat!

Can you feed him all of his sight word carrots?

What’s Included:

This printable set includes both the printable bunny that your students will be feeding and sight word carrots covering all 40 words on the Dolch pre-primer list.

  • a
  • and
  • away
  • big
  • blue
  • can
  • come
  • down
  • find
  • for
  • funny
  • go
  • help
  • here
  • I
  • in
  • is
  • it
  • jump
  • little
  • look
  • make
  • me
  • my
  • not
  • one
  • play
  • red
  • run
  • said
  • see
  • the
  • three
  • to
  • two
  • up
  • we
  • where
  • yellow
  • you

To Use:

Print the pieces off, cut them out, and then run the sight word carrots through your laminator.

Attach the bunny to the front of a shoebox or similar cardboard box and cut a hole for the mouth.

Lay the sight word carrots out and once the bunny’s ready, call out a sight word for your students to find.

Their job will be to find the correct carrot and feed it to the bunny.  Continue until all of the carrots have been fed to the bunny.