Digital Bear Cave Long and Short Vowels – Google Slides


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These bears are ready to hibernate, but they need a little bit of help to make it back to their caves!

Lead them back to the correct cave so that they can settle in for a long winter’s nap!

What’s Included:

This download includes a link to a digital long and short vowel sound sorting activity on Google Slides.

Within the activity itself, you’ll find 20 different words that need to be sorted based on whether they have a long or short vowel sound.  These words include:

  • robe
  • beet
  • cube
  • cut
  • cap
  • fat
  • cane
  • hen
  • hope
  • kite
  • pet
  • pin
  • pop
  • made
  • huge
  • rag
  • rob
  • sit
  • tree
  • bite

To Use:

Once you have your activity, your students will need to read the word printed on the bear and decide whether it has a long vowel sound or a short one.

Within Google Slides, your students will simply click the correct bear cave.

This activity is self-checking and will let your students know whether or not their answer was correct.

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