101 Family Friendly Summer Bucket List Ideas

Who’s ready for summer?

We’ve been ready for a few weeks now but the never ending rain is holding it up for us quite a bit.  So, in anticipation of those warm, sunny days to come, we’ve been creating a fun summer bucket list that should keep us busy all summer long and today, I’ve got a HUGE list of fun summer bucket list ideas to share with you so that you and your little ones can create one of your own!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Grab the kids, run through our list of 101 family friendly, summer bucket list ideas, and create some memories that your family will never forget!

1. Have a picnic in the park
2. Host a sleepover
3. Camp our under the stars
4. Have an outdoor movie night
5. Attend a baseball game
6. Build a sandcastle
7. Find some creative ways to play with sidewalk chalk  (Like this wet chalk art from Happy Hooligans!  Beautiful isn’t it?)

Wet Chalk Art from Happy Hooligans

8. Play some family friendly board games
9. Attend story time at your local library
10. Play hide and seek
11. Watch for shooting stars
12. Make some fun pinwheels  (Meaningful Mama has a fantastic pinwheel tutorial)

Pinwheel Tutorial by Meaningful Mama

13. Make smoothies
14. Hunt for bugs
15. Blow bubbles
16. Try skipping stones
17. Count fireflies after dark
18. Join a summer reading program
19. Hold a hula hoop contest
20. Find a pen pal
21. Liven up bath time with some fluffy bath tub paint

Fluffy Bath Tub Paint from Housing a Forest

22. Tie-Dye some T-Shirts
23. Put together a lemonade stand
24. Look for shapes in the clouds
25. Watch a fireworks show
26. Light some fireworks
27. Visit a water park
28. Build a fort
29. Go on a boat ride
30. Create some sand art with colored (and scented) sand

Colored and Scented Sand Art

31. Make balloon animals
32. Create your own comic book
33. Organize a neighborhood soccer game
34. Tour the fire station
35. Make shadow puppets
36. Hold a 3-legged race
37. Volunteer at a local animal shelter
38. Take a mini road trip
39. Have a family pillow fight
40. Watch a parade
41. Make some super soft homemade play dough

Softest Play Dough Recipe from Kids Activities Blog

42. Have a puppet show
43. Go berry picking
44. Visit the grandparents
45. Visit an aquarium
46. Celebrate an unbirthday
47. Host a play date
48. Have a build your own pizza night
49. Have a water balloon fight
50. Spend a day at the zoo
51. Play in the sprinkler
52. Go on a hike
53. Make root beer floats
54. Go on a family bike ride
55. Make homemade popsicles
56. Make a sun catcher
57. Plant a garden
58. Fly a kite
59. Go fishing
60. Build a bird feeder
61. Play mini-golf
62. Hold a paper airplane race
63. Go on a scavenger hunt
64. Visit a nature center
65. Build an obstacle course

Obstacle Course from Learn Play Imagine

66. Have a bubble gum bubble blowing contest
67. Bake cookies for the neighbors
68. Have a Beach Boys dance party
69. Skype with family and friends that are far away
70. Have a watermelon eating contest
71. Play charades
72. Light up the night with a glow stick party
73. Paint some rocks
74. Make homemade ice cream sundaes
75. Visit a carnival
76. Feed some ducks
77. Have breakfast for dinner
78. Build a slip n’ slide
79. Host a banana split party
80. Spend a day exploring a national park
81. Play leap frog
82. Go bowling
83. Play hopscotch
84. Have a family movie night
85. Build something at one of Lowes’ free Build and Grow Clinics
86. Make a Twister game on the front lawn
87. Visit a farmer’s market
88. Make s’mores
89. Have a BBQ
90. Visit a museum
91. Go swimming
92. Make sno-cones
93. Play frisbee
94. Go see a drive-in movie
95. Decorate plain flip flops for the pool
96. Make your own windchimes

Tin Can Wind Chimes from Hands on as We Grow

97. Play flashlight tag
98. Build a campfire
99. Go roller skating
100. Make some homemade musical instruments
101. Volunteer to clean up a local park

What’s on your family’s summer bucket list this year?

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  1. Heather A says

    What wonderful ideas! Stopping in from Monday’s Pin It Party and so glad I did, these are all terrific and suitable for the whole family to enjoy too! :) Pinned to enjoy this for summer!

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