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This is a monthly subscription for our virtual learning program.  Your subscription will renew automatically each month until you cancel.  Cancel anytime.

School work doesn’t have to bore your children.

As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t.

We believe that education should be an adventure and our new virtual learning program aims to make it just that.

With daily video lessons spanning a full 180 day school year and plenty of hands-on activities added in to engage your child, the From ABCs to ACTs Virtual Learning Program gives your child the opportunity to truly enjoy their educational journey.

They’ll work alongside a team of adventurers known as The Junior Explorers as they move through the curriculum and a built-in rewards system (the earning of their stone stars) will ensure that they remain excited and engaged as they progress through their lessons.

*At this time, we are working on uploading the video lessons for preschool.  Other grade levels will follow in the future.*