Digital Summer Picnic Addition – Boom Cards | Google Slides | Seesaw


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It’s time for a picnic and these kids are hungry!

Can you feed each of them the correct slice of watermelon?

What’s Included:

This set includes a digital Summer picnic-themed addition activity preloaded onto three different digital platforms so that you can pick the one that works best for you and your students.

  • Boom Learning
  • Google Slides
  • Seesaw

To Use:

Once you have your activity, your students will need to solve the addition problem on each slide to feed the child the correct slice of watermelon.

The addition problems in this activity include sums to 10 making it the perfect way for kindergartners to practice their new math skills.

On both Boom Learning and Google Slides, your students will click on the correct numbered watermelon.

Both of these platforms are self-checking and will let your students know whether or not their answer was correct.

On Seesaw, they’ll need to find the correct slice of watermelon and drag it to the child instead.