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Work on letter recognition, colors, fine motor skills, beginning sounds, and more with these fun Spot & Dot Alphabet pages for preschoolers and kindergartners!

Want To Teach Your Preschooler at Home?

Introducing Building Brilliance!

Building Brilliance Homeschool Curriculum

Building Brilliance is our full, 180 day curriculum.

It combines a series of daily video lessons, stories, songs, and plenty of fun, hands-on activities that are meant to engage and promote hands-on exploration.

I’m Amber Mathison, the founder of From ABCs to ACTs, a former preschool teacher, and a homeschooling mom of three.

I truly believe that children learn best through play and after finding that my children were continuously bored, uninterested, and sometimes frustrated with the numerous other curriculum that we have tried, I started creating Building Brilliance.

Children need to be able to explore, touch, manipulate, and experiment to truly make a connection and enjoy what they are learning and that is exactly what Building Brilliance was designed to do.

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Hands-On Learning Your Children Will Love!

Inside our Virtual Preschool, you’ll find:

We'll Cover...

Everything from math and literacy to science and social studies.

We’ll paint, play with play dough, and even make and test some predictions with some super fun experiments!

And, we’ll do it all while helping the Junior Explorers find the missing members of their team!

Hands-On Learning with a Side of Adventure!

Just $5.00 a month or $60.00 for a whole year!

Who are the Junior Explorers?

Building Brilliance - The Junior Explorers Group

The Junior Explorers are a team of tiny adventurers that are built-in to the curriculum to not only give the experience that your child is working as part of a team, but to create a sense of adventure and build excitement around completing each day’s lessons as well.

In fact, through the preschool year, your child will assist some of these adventurers in finding the rest of their team.

They’ll work on earning stone stars, deciphering clues, and collecting puzzle pieces that will enable them to find and reunite the members of this group and they’ll do so simply by working their way through the curriculum.

Is it all screen based?

Not at all!

I don’t want you to think that Building Brilliance is simply a bunch of videos that have your children sitting in front of a screen for the majority of the day.

Instead, you’ll find that it is actually very hands-on.

We designed the video lessons to help guide your child through their daily work and have included breaks within each video lesson so that your child can pause and restart after they have had a chance to engage in the hands-on activities that we have included in the curriculum as well.

In short, there is a new video lesson for each day of the school year and that video lesson will walk you and your child through the activities that you’ll be working on at home.

They’ll cut, create, build, and explore their way through the school year and while there is a little bit of prep for parents before each week begins, we’ve packaged everything that you’ll need for you in our weekly Parent Packs.

These Parent Packs include the pages that you’ll need for your child’s Explorer Journal including those that list their daily lessons and any printables that you’ll need for the activities that you’ll be doing.

You’ll also find a weekly supply list so that you can prep for the upcoming week in advance.

In short, we’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you and have put together a 180-day curriculum that your child is actually going to enjoy while ensuring that they will be learning in a fun, hands-on way.