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Q-Tip X-Ray Craft for Preschoolers

As part of our All About Me theme that we started our school year off with, we have been learning a little bit more about the body as well.

With our Life Size Me activity, we learned the names and locations of the body parts that you could actually see, but for this activity, we went a little bit deeper to explore the bones that are underneath.

With this fun craft, we pretty much had perfect timing as Halloween is coming up in the next few weeks and skeletons can be found all over place, but to explore a little further, we took a few minutes to look at a few x-ray pictures that we were able to find online.

Looking at all of the bones in the hand prior to making this craft really made it a lot more fun for little man.

To make one of your own, you’ll need:

To start, have your child lay their hands down on a piece of black construction paper and trace around them along with a few inches of their arms with the white chalk and then give them the chalk and let them color their own hand prints.

Quick warning, this activity can get a little messy with the chalk dust so make sure that you do it in an area that is easy to clean up.

Once they’re done coloring, give them some Q-Tips to act as bones and let them glue them into place.  You can use a photo of an x-ray as a template or as a visual for your child to complete their own or just free hand it and see what they come up with.

When you’re all done and the glue has dried, you’ve got a fun x-ray craft that is perfect for Halloween and is a great way to study the body with your little one!