Minion Valentine Box Tutorial

One of my all time favorite things about my time in school growing up was definitely the class parties.  I mean, what kid wouldn’t love getting to have a holiday themed party right in the middle of the school day?

My favorite party?  Valentine’s day, hands down.

Leading up to the holiday, we would each get to create our very own Valentine box and every one would be just as unique as the student that made it.

Now, as a parent, I want my children to be able to share in those same experiences.  To look forward to those special times throughout the year when school time becomes just a little bit more special.

Even though we’ve decided to homeschool, I want to make sure that they don’t miss out on these types of experiences.

So, late last week, Nicholas and I set out on a mission to make a Valentine box just for him (Skylar acted as our supervisor and since she really didn’t complain, we’re counting this as a win).

how to make a minion valentine box

Trying to figure out what type of box to make really wasn’t all that hard.  See, Nicholas’ newest obsession is Despicable Me.  I can not even begin to count the number of times we have watched that movie over the past month.  He absolutely loves those minions which made deciding what type of Valentine box to make super easy.

Ready to make your own Minion Valentine box?
Awesome!  Here we go!

Minion Valentine box supplies

First, gather up your supplies.  You will need:
– A box
– Yellow, white, blue and black construction paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– Aluminum Foil (not pictured)
– A little bit of red construction paper (also not pictured as Nicholas kept running off with supplies while I was trying to get the picture)

Minion Valentine box tutorial inside box

Decide which side of your box will be open and cut the flap from that side of the box.  This will be the top of your minion.

Minion Valentine box tutorial step 1

Cover your box (leaving the opening uncovered) in your yellow construction paper.  We just wrapped it like a present and left the box opening uncovered.

Minion Valentine box tutorial step 2

Next, cut a strip of your blue construction paper that is a little less than half the height of your box and glue it onto the bottom half of your box, wrapping it around the sides.

Minion Valentine box tutorial step 3

Cut two rectangles from your blue construction paper and two circles from your black and glue them on to create your minion’s overalls.

Minion Valentine box tutorial step 4

From your black construction construction paper, cut an oval shape for the mouth and a long thin strip for his goggles.  At this point, you may have to chase down your toddler to retrieve the minion after he steals it from your photo shoot :)

DIY Minion Valentine box tutorial step 5

Give your minion some facial features!  Use your red construction paper to make a tongue and your white and black to make teeth and an eye.

Minion Valentine box tutorial step 6

Now, the fun part.  Cut a strip of paper that is about an inch wide and long enough that it will fit in a circle around your minion’s eye.

DIY Minion Valentine box tutorial step 7

Wrap your paper in aluminum foil and trim the edges so that they match up.

DIY Minion Valentine box tutorial step 7b

Make a circle with your aluminum wrapped paper and glue it onto your minion.

Cut a strip of aluminum foil that is about half as wide as your paper and wrap it around your circle with about 1/4 inch sticking up over the top of your circle.

DIY Minion Valentine box tutorial step 7c

Fold this extra foil over to create the rim of the minion’s goggles.

DIY Minion Valentine box tutorial step 8

Finish him off with a pocket for his overalls and maybe some feet and there you go!  You’re all finished and ready for a truly despicable Valentine’s Day!

Has your child made a Valentine box for school yet?  What designs have they come up with?

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  1. says

    What a great idea! And so easy too! My children go to school and none of their classes made special boxes :( Valentines came home in a sad grocery sack. Teachers were missing a golden opportunity for creativity!! Glad you got to do this with your son!

    • says

      Thank you so much Kristi! My son loves those little minions and has been obsessed with those movies for a while now lol. It seemed perfect for him and was definitely a fun project :)

  2. says

    This is perfect! My oldest knows what he wants to make for his class Valentine box, but my youngest hasn’t got a clue. I’ll show him this, and I’m sure he’ll love it. Thanks for the great idea! Visiting from the SITS Girls link party:)

    • says

      Thanks Emma! My son is a huge fan of it as well :) I’m really hoping he finds a new favorite sometime soon because while it’s a cute movie, I don’t know how many more times I can watch it lol.

    • says

      Thanks Holly :) This was the first year that Nicholas was really old enough to do this and I’m excited because that means a lot of crafting time with mommy lol.

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